A Cement Brick in Kerala that Can Grow into a Large Tree

What are the advantages of using patterned cement blocks?

The beautiful and attractive appearance of the structure is not the only advantage of using light and modern patterned blocks. Some of the benefits of using style blocks in your project are:

Patterned cement brick in Kerala are very light and easy to move.

Also, the pre-made light block mode increases the speed of construction.

Colorful light blocks are very resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes or even fires.

Light blocks have a high resistance to the penetration of cold and hot air and help reduce energy consumption.

Also, the block is considered a type of sound insulation and does not allow the sound of the outside environment to enter the building.

Examining the difference between patterned cement block and normal block
Now you are familiar with the types of cement blocks and have learned about the advantages of patterned light blocks.

Cement Brick

Now it’s time to put these definitions together to discuss the difference between patterned and plain cement blocks.

First of all, the mortar and components of normal and patterned blocks are not different from each other.

In terms of structure and formula, none of these blocks has superiority or priority over the other.

The main difference between these two blocks is only in their shape.

The normal block pattern is simple, but the patterned block pattern can be different and special depending on your taste.

Meanwhile, the price of mold block in the market is slightly higher than the normal block due to the sensitivity of the production method.

So, if you don’t care about the slight price difference and you care more about the beauty of the construction, go for the patterned block.

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