A Fire Brick in Bangalore that Fell in the Valley Exploded

What are the 6 main stages of fire brick in Bangalore production? Extraction of raw materials: clay is collected by loaders and transported to the factory by truck.

Then the surface soil is removed and the roots of the plants are separated from the soil so as not to cause the bricks to become porous.
Preparation of raw materials: Here, large pieces of stone are separated and sent to the stone crusher, and then the soil is rounded.

Next, depending on the color of the brick, the amount of iron oxide is added and reduced so that it becomes the desired color during baking.

Making mud for production: Water is added to the created dust to make it sticky and formable.

The more continuous the soil grains, the optimal amount of water and the forming with more pressure, the brick will have high resistance.

Molding or plastering: Molding is done by two traditional and machine methods.


In the traditional method, where all the steps are done by hand, the flower is poured into a wooden mold that has no bottom and smoothed by hand.

Then they remove the clay mold and place it in the open air to dry, which is a time-consuming and costly process.

But in the machine method, the clay mold is placed in the oven or dryer.

Drying the clay: Since the water in the clay is high, it is first dried at a lower temperature than the firing, in order to prevent cracking and rapid shrinkage, the clay should be dried slowly in the oven.

In the traditional method, clays are placed next to each other to dry in the sun, which takes between 3 and 15 days, but in the kiln, it takes between 24 and 48 hours.

Baking the clays: After drying, the bricks are brought into the big kilns by carts, which are baked at a temperature of approximately 900 degrees Celsius between 40 and 150 hours depending on the kiln and the soil, and exit through the doors of other kilns.

At this stage, you can create different colors for the bricks by adding fuel at a certain time.
What are the types of bricks?
What are the types of bricks? Bricks are very vital for construction and are often considered as the foundation stone for most constructions.

These days, the types of bricks used in building construction have been refined with better strength and stability, all at a lower cost.

Bricks have found a special place not only in the construction industry but also in other aspects of people’s lives.

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