A Girl Who Poisoned Her Husband’s Family with Sourwood Honey in Pakistan

Citrus honey
It is a product that is prepared and produced from the activity of Sourwood honey in Pakistan bees on the nectar of orange blossoms, which is known as spring orange, and citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons.

This product has a pleasant taste and many medicinal properties, such as: memory enhancement, disinfectant, appetite stimulant, stomach tonic, anti-nausea, which has a bright amber color.

Asal Gon
Most of its nectar is related to the goon plant and it is one of the most popular types of honey in Iran, which is liked by many people due to its pleasant taste and medicinal properties, and it is used to strengthen the stomach, kidney diseases and reduce It is very useful for joint pain, which has a bright yellow color.

Alfalfa honey
As its name suggests, it is produced from the nectar and pollen of alfalfa flowers.

Honey made from this plant is popular and has many benefits for human health.

It has a bright and clear amber color, which becomes a little dark and cloudy when the clay is closed.


Be honey
Most of the nectar used in that plant is dill and its color is amber.

Bees feed on the nectar and pollen of various plants to maintain their survival and health.

Therefore, what we mean by dill honey is honey whose nectar is mainly from the dill plant, not all of it; Because it is not possible for a bee to feed 100% on one plant and not go to other plants.

Coriander honey
The main part of the nectar used is the coriander plant, which has an amber color.

It is also an effective treatment for nerves, headaches, colds, coughs, allergies and sensitivities.

Acacia honey
Most of the nectar used is from acacia flowers, which is recommended for children.

It is a special therapeutic honey, whose medicinal properties can be mentioned as strengthening memory, invigorating, sleep-inducing, anti-anemia, treatment of bile disorders, laxative and hypnotic.

Sage honey
Most of the nectar used is from the sage plant.

Its medicinal properties can be mentioned as strengthening the brain and calming, improving indigestion and flatulence, nerves and diabetes.

Barberry honey
Its dominant nectar is from the barberry shrub, it has many properties such as reducing blood pressure, removing pimples and body spots.

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