By using Sugar Free Biscuits, You Can Benefit from Very Powerful Eyes

Today, how are biscuits produced? But how are sugar free biscuits cooked nowadays? How has its preparation changed throughout history and with the advancement of materials and technology? Let’s see how biscuits are produced in today’s factories.

To understand how biscuits are baked in a factory, we need to start by understanding the raw materials and the baking process.

The structure and texture of the biscuit is determined by the ingredients, mixing and shaping, and the baking process. Let’s review this:

The ingredients for preparing biscuits are: flour, oil, sugar (which are the 3 main ingredients of biscuits), eggs, butter, flavorings, bulking agents, cocoa powder, sesame and vegetables.

Mixing process: The mixing step is one of the main steps in the production and baking of biscuits.

In the mixing stage, flour, oil, sugar, water and other ingredients are mixed together in large mixers in appropriate proportions to form a dough.


Mixing time is carefully managed to achieve uniform distribution of ingredients and proper dough consistency.

During this process, dough temperature and mixing time play an important role.

Usually, this time is about 15 minutes, which of course depends on factors such as the characteristics of the flour.

Biscuits differ from other baked goods, such as bread, in that they have a lower moisture content.

Therefore, maintaining the amount of moisture in the mixing process is very important, and finally the prepared dough is shaped and it is time to bake the dough.

One of the things that makes biscuits different in terms of texture, taste, color and final desirability is the skill of controlling the way and time of adding and mixing each ingredient, which is the skill of preparing delicious biscuit dough in Farkhunde Fut Kuzegari Company.

The final goal during this process is to prepare a quality biscuit, and to achieve this goal, the following features should be considered:

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