Carrara Marble in Pakistan, Smuggling Angered the Country’s Army

Carrara marble in Pakistan , whose scientific name is alabaster, is a relatively dense type of limestone that is formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in limestone cavities that are rich in bicarbonate.

This stone has a special beauty, which is not only related to its color and design, but also related to its degree of transparency.

Like travertine, marble is a product of ancient spa springs, and layers are usually seen between travertine layers.

In the efficient process of hot water springs, if the water temperature drop is slow, aragonite is formed, and if the temperature drop is rapid, travertine is formed.

In Iran, the stone obtained from aragonite is called marble.

The brand name of marble is Onyx and it is available in green, lemon, amber yellow, milky white, dark honey and brown colors.


The amount of reserves of this stone in the country is small

There are streaks of different colors on the marble surface, which depends on the type of impurity and its concentration.

The most common constituents of marble are calcite and then aragonite.

Other minerals found in marble are clay and quartz. It is possible that the color of the stone is white or different, such as beige, orange, brown, pink, red, green, sky blue, and yellow, and the color of the stone depends on the type of impurity and its concentration in the stone.

It is done, red streaks or points tending to brown are seen in this type of stone and this is due to the presence of iron oxide.

The reason for the variety of colors is the presence of iron, aluminum, magnesium, etc.

Salts, if there is hydrated iron oxide in it, its color is brown or yellow, and its red or pink color is due to the presence of anhydrous or dehydrated iron oxide in it.

If they have manganese and carbon materials, their color is blue, gray or black.

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