Construction of Flooring Ceramic Tiles that Adjusts Blood Pressure by Walking on It

The important characteristic of these ceramic tiles is that they are rectifiers and have no seams in the work, so that the amount of mortar between them after installation is zero and there is no gap or seam between them.

The use of nanotechnology in the ceramic industry has caused a significant change in this field.

The production of ceramics using nano technology creates antibacterial and antiseptic properties in them and can be used in hospitals, clinics, mosques, schools, residential, educational, sports and other spaces.

Tile flooring: Flooring ceramic tiles are highly durable, resistant to moisture and water, and create a unified appearance.

Tiles are very suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets due to the mentioned items.

Tile is in great demand and widely used due to its reasonable price and wide range of colors, textures and shapes.

One of the disadvantages of tiles is that it is fragile, and it is possible to break the tiles during transportation and installation.

Flooring Ceramic Tiles

Mosaic flooring: The mosaic is also made from a combination of sand and cement and is put on it.

The important thing about mosaic is that it is better to avoid using certain types that cause a lot of dust in the building.

Mosaic is used for other floor coverings such as parquet and carpet.

Carpeted flooring: There are still many people who prefer the flooring of their house to be made of textile fibers like carpet. Of course, it can be said that this flooring is more suitable for people suffering from rheumatism.

Many people prefer to cover part of the floor of their house with carpet.

For example, some people use carpet only for children’s bedrooms or family cinema halls.

Currently, carpets in the market have different types in terms of design and texture so that they can continue to exist in the market of floor coverings.
In addition to all these, carpets also have flaws and disadvantages.

The biggest drawback of carpets is their weakness against heat and humidity.

Also, dust absorption, especially in carpets with long piles, is one of the other weaknesses of this relatively long-standing flooring.

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