Golden Wheat Travertine Cultivation on Mars

The most important component of wheat grain is a protein called “gluten” which consists of golpadin and gluten.

Vitamins A, B, B6, B2, B1 can be mentioned among the most important minerals in wheat.

Golden wheat travertine has weak iron, and trace elements such as manganese and magnesium are also found in wheat.

Due to the physical and chemical properties of gluten in wheat, wheat can be used to cook different types of bread.

The best bread that is baked in Iran is Sangak bread, which contains high bran.

Eating hot bread creates a lot of carbon dioxide in the stomach and thus weakens the stomach.

Classification of wheat based on its protein content
Wheats are divided into four categories according to the amount of protein in the seeds.


The first category is wheat with weak protein, which has eight to 11 percent protein.

The second group has medium protein that has 12-14% protein.

The third category of wheat with good protein that has 14-16% protein. The fourth category is wheat with more than 17% protein.

Climatic conditions of wheat growth
One of the most important factors affecting the quality of wheat, i.e. the percentage of protein in wheat grain, is weather conditions.

The occurrence of an inappropriate cold or a change in altitude from the sea level, excessive rainfall and dryness at the end of the grain growth period can cause a significant decrease in the quality of wheat produced.

The best water wheats of Iran and most of them are produced in Fars, Isfahan, Tehran (Karaj) provinces.

The best dry wheats and most of them are produced in Golestan (Gorgan) provinces and the least in Hamedan.

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