Healed His Wound by Eating American Saffron in Pakistan

What are the methods of identifying the original saffron?

Nowadays, one of the most difficult tasks for buyers of red gold is to distinguish original American saffron in Pakistan from counterfeit, because dealers and profit seekers are very professional in the field of fraud and sometimes even introduce themselves as farmers.

Going to Mashhad and shopping in the caves around the Holy Shrine
Online purchase of saffron from sites that sell saffron and mostly claim to be farmers

What are the amazing properties of saffron?
In ancient and modern medical science, this plant is called a pharmacy because of its many medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Antidepressant plant: The use of this plant is effective in preventing depression.


Based on today’s research, it has been concluded that red gold has anti-depressant properties, and this is despite the fact that according to traditional medicine, it has also been attributed joyous and laughing properties.

According to the results of this research, it is recommended to use in food and drink at least one cup of saffron tea to relax the nerves.

It increases concentration and is effective in preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and is effective in treating nerve pain and insomnia.

Saffron has 28 volatile organic compounds that are very sensitive to fluctuations in the pH level and are easily destroyed in the presence of oxidizing factors such as light and air, and this is why it must be stored in closed and protected containers and away from sunlight.

The most important compounds in saffron include yellow compounds that are well soluble in water (crostin derivatives), bitter compounds such as picrocrocin, which are especially tonic for the stomach, aromatic substances (essence), the most important compound of which is safranal, which sometimes makes up to 1% of saffron.

Gives, fixed oil is up to 10%, moisture is about 1310% and mineral compounds are about 5%. The amount of crocin, which forms the color of saffron, is more when it is picked in the bud state.

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