Production of Working Clothes for Worker Robots in China

Aprons are among body protection equipment.

According to the conditions of its use, the material of the apron is nylon (to prevent water from falling), leather (to prevent welding pleats from falling), lead (to protect against radioactive rays), polyvinyl chloride (to protect from chemicals).

When using an apron, it is necessary to observe the following safety rules:

1. Aprons for workers who work with corrosive liquids such as acids and caustic alkalis should be made of natural or synthetic rubber or other materials that are resistant to these liquids and cover the entire chest.

These types of clothes are made in the form of jackets, blouses and pants according to the type of application, in shiny colors and made of different materials, in order to prevent accidents caused by impact and impact, and allow the person to be seen in different weather conditions and at different hours.

In choosing these working clothes , in addition to evaluating the risks of impact and collision, it is necessary to consider things such as hot or cold working conditions, weather conditions (sun, fog, rain, snow, etc.) and lighting.

Forklift and crane drivers, roadside workers and pipelines, as well as employees who are responsible for the response
They are in emergency situations, including those who need these clothes.

Working Clothes

2. It is prohibited for workers to use any kind of apron in front of rotating and moving parts of machines and also in their vicinity.

3. If it is necessary to use an apron in front of or in the vicinity of the rotating and moving parts of the machines, the said aprons must be two pieces so that the lower part of the body is separate from the upper part of the body and it should be closed in such a way that if by accident a part of it is caught by the machine while working, it opens immediately and easily and does not pose any danger to the worker.

4. The apron for workers who work in front of flames or fires without protection should cover the entire chest and be made of materials that are completely resistant to fire.

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