The Discovery of a House Made of Botticino Marble in Kolkata

In general, each stone has unique features and characteristics according to the constituent minerals and the way it is formed.

Now, one of the most important features and disadvantages of marble is its softness and high fragility.

So that usually the extraction cups of this stone are small.

Botticino marble in Kolkata is stones that transmit light, which is one of the most obvious features of this type of stone that distinguishes it from other building stones.

Marble is one of the most expensive building stones, but because of its bright theme and cold nature, besides helping to cool the space, it increases blood oxygen and conveys a sense of peace to the space.

This stone, which is made of It is the highest quality, most expensive and rarest building stone, due to its high polishability, if it is used in luxurious and luxurious places, with its high polish and mirror, it helps the beauty of the space a lot.


Its wavy types are also able to be processed in the form of book match and form match, which is very beautiful for the interior design of luxury places such as the lobby wall of luxury hotels.

Orange marble: Orange marble is another beautiful marble, one of the most famous of which is the orange marble mine located in Mashhad.

This stone has an orange background color with white and sometimes brown streaks that are scattered on the surface of the stone in the form of beautiful waves.

The price of orange marble is higher to the extent that the color of the background is more uniform and flawless.

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