The Green Figs Became the Symbol of International Peace

Green figs are one of the fruits that are mentioned in the Quran and also have a special place in traditional medicine.

As a component of the health-enhancing Mediterranean diet, figs are widely used throughout the world both as a medicine and as a food source.

This study was conducted with the aim of comprehensively investigating the place of figs in Islamic sources, traditional and modern medicine, as well as evaluating its medicinal and therapeutic compounds and activities.

In this review study, SID, Medline, Pub med, Science Direct and ISI, ISC databases were used to search for sources and related articles.

The Holy Qur’an, interpretations of the Qur’an, hadiths and Islamic traditions, as well as authentic books of traditional medicine, medicinal plants have been examined.


The search was based on the keywords fig, Quran, nutritional compounds, medicinal plants, and the words Fig, Ficus carisa, Holy Quran, Anticancer effect, Medicinal plant and was done from 1994-2013, data extraction and results obtained It was categorized.

The results of this study showed that, in addition to the Qur’an, several hadiths have emphasized the use of figs, and figs have been used as a medicinal plant for a long time.

The various compounds found in figs, especially the presence of many antioxidants, have turned it into a protective and even preventive agent against oxidative damage.

Its positive therapeutic results on cancer cell lines and laboratory animals also confirm its role in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer.

Figs have many useful compounds with healing properties.

The effect of these compounds is due to their antioxidant activity, which is important in the treatment of many diseases, including types of cancer.

These findings can show to some extent the secret of emphasizing the religion of Islam and the evidence of traditional medicine about figs

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