The Use of Thassos Marble in India, in the Production of New Phones

Many advantages of Thassos marble in India flooring can also be seen in porcelain flooring.

Although the veins of marble are unique, today in new porcelain you can see veins similar to marble which are produced artificially.

An expert can tell the difference.

However, if it is installed well, you may not be able to guess the difference between porcelain and marble at all.

The biggest advantage of porcelain is that it is cheaper. Although porcelain is more expensive than ceramic.

Therefore, considering the advantages and disadvantages and of course your budget, you can choose the best option.


Most marble floors are made from raw stones exported from China, India, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Portugal and Greece.

These primary stones are transformed into ready-made stones during frying. Therefore, instead of paying attention to the marble brand, you should pay attention to its type.

Some of the most well-known marbles are:

Carrara marble: Carrara marble from Italy is the most common type of marble, which has a gray-white surface with gray streaks.

This type of marble is mostly used in flooring.
Calcutta marble: This marble is the most luxurious and expensive type of marble due to its rarity.

Although it looks similar to Carrara marble, it is darker and has thicker veins that stand out against its white background. It also has golden streaks.

Calcutta marble is a special type of Italian Carrara marble.

Sculpting marble: This marble is similar in appearance to Carrara, but its white background is more transparent and has more beautiful veins.

That’s why it looks luxurious. This marble also comes from Carrara, Italy, but mostly in its northern part.
Spanish marble: This marble is brown in color with different veins.
Cream colored marble: This marble is also Spanish and available in different colors.

However, the most common one is beige and yellow in various stripes.
Silver beige marble: This marble comes from Turkey. Its background is light gray and has silver and beige streaks.

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