Use of Green Tea Leaf in Airplane Fuel

How to consume and brew green tea leaf : This tea has many properties.

In order to benefit from the properties of green tea and not to lose some of its compounds such as antioxidants, people should pay attention to the time of brewing and how to consume it.

To preserve the taste of this tea, people should not allow the leaves of this plant to boil in hot water or steep for a long time.

Because its components may be lost and the tea will lose its taste and become bitter.

In explaining the correct method of preparing this tea, we must say that to use this tea, people should boil its water well and then allow the water to drop a little from its boiling point.

In the next step, one tablespoon of dried leaves of this herbal tea should be added to the water for each cup of this tea.


Then let these leaves brew in water that has not been in contact with direct heat flame so that all the properties of green tea are preserved.

In the meantime, people should be careful that if the leaves of this plant come in contact with water whose temperature is too low, they cannot transfer their properties to people.

In general, many people are of the opinion that this drink needs two to eight minutes of time to brew properly.

How much green tea should we use for weight loss?
Drinking between 2 to 3 cups of green tea throughout the day is enough to benefit from its weight loss effects.

But the exact amount needed varies from person to person depending on the amount of caffeine consumed and their natural metabolism.

Green tea comes in many varieties, but for slimming it is unlikely that there is a significant difference between them.

Plain green tea, which is the least processed, probably has the richest nutritional content.
In general, green tea is considered safe for consumption. However, in some cases, you should be careful, because high doses of caffeine.

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