Using a Brush Cutter in Kenya, for Climbing

Tips to keep in mind for door maintenance
Blade: In order for your blade not to break or get damaged, you should thoroughly inspect your lawn mower blade before each use and sharpen it if necessary.

We suggest you to use air compressors to clean the holes and areas of your brush cutter in Kenya that are prone to clogging.

The air compressor cleans all blockages using air flow. Do this after each use.

Mower floor: Clean the lawn mower floor after each use with a hard tool or a sharp edge.

You can use edible oil spray to prevent grass from accumulating on the floor of the machine, in such a way that the interior floor is cleaned.

Connections: Constantly make sure that the connections, including the screws, are tight, it is better to do this before starting to work with the lawn mower that you have purchased.

Brush Cutter

Wheels: Lubricate the wheels with oil two or three times per season.

The device’s power transmission system (power cord): Another point that you should pay attention to is to examine the power system of your lawn mower.

Checking the electrical system is different in corded and rechargeable electric lawn mowers that use batteries.

Consider that the power cord of the electric lawnmower is located in its body, so you must anticipate the dangers that may occur while working with the lawnmower for the cord in the area.

It is necessary to know that you must make sure that the wire path is safe when moving and working with it so as not to damage the lawn mower.

Also, excessive pressure of the operator during work may cause the failure of the lawn mower, which some manufacturers recommend for To solve this problem, they have installed an automatic switch.

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