Using Pu Leather in Bangladesh, to Produce Shockproof Cover for Mobile Phones

The importance of using polyurethane leather
If you are looking for an affordable option or want a variety of colors, PU leather is a great option for you.

But Pu leather in Bangladesh should not be used for products such as jackets or shoe uppers, because it is not breathable.

For this reason, it is a very suitable and practical material for furniture surfaces and shoe soles.

The importance of using this leather today is mainly based on the ethical principles governing the use of natural leather.

Killing an animal or raising it to produce leather is a sad subject.

How to identify PU synthetic leather from natural leather

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between these two types of skin is to examine the surface of the leather.

Natural leather has skin pores or breathing pores, which PU leather lacks.

Pu Leather

Smelling leather is also one of the general detection methods.

PU leather usually smells of plastic and chemicals.

Water testing is also one of the easy ways to distinguish PU leather from natural leather.

With this method, it is recommended to pour a few drops of water on the skin, if the water is absorbed into the leather, it is natural leather and otherwise it is synthetic leather.

PU’s share in footwear, packaging and electronics industry is 15% of its total global share in other products.

As a high-quality and durable shoe, PU shoes have a great impact on your daily activities, including sports, walking, and work activities.

Because if the shoes are not suitable, it will be painful for you to work and you may not be able to work.

If the shoes are not suitable, the pressure on the feet will appear as blisters.

One of the reasons PU shoes are known as high-quality shoes is that they use unique and durable soles in their production.

Every good shoe has features that make it stand out from the rest.

Having a suitable and quality sole, the material of the shoe upper, the comfort and lightness of the shoe are important things that must be considered when choosing a suitable shoe.

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