Using the Disposable Plates in India, to Save the Environment from Pollution

The head of the Plastic and Nylon Producers and Sellers Union states that the production volume of disposable plates in India containers is 4 times that of paper and says: About 14,000 tons of polymer containers are consumed daily, while we consume 3 tons of paper.

Despite the low production of paper containers, its risks are so great that it is necessary for the authorities to pay due attention to the warnings in this field because the danger threatens the health of some consumers.

Vegetable disposable dishes are not produced in Iran

It is true that paper containers are not standard.

Because the pulp that is used for the production of paper containers in Iran is not raw and pure material, but it is recycled waste.

Two types of pulp are used to produce paper containers; Pulp produced from sugarcane pulp, wood or trees and pulp produced from waste and recycled paper.

Disposable Plates

Paper containers in Iran are produced from the second type of pulp.

Papers obtained from the processing of newspapers, magazines, and used paper towels are contaminated.

For this reason, the paper containers in which water or any hot material is poured are not standard and cause problems because of the dirty cellulose and high microbial and bacterial content.

This polymer expert emphasizes that the paper itself has a microbial load due to the way it is produced along with pollution, and emphasizes: the best container for general use is copper containers.

Disposable vegetarian dishes are not produced in Iran at all and some manufacturers are abusing this title to gain people’s trust.

Disposable vegetable containers are produced from raw materials called “PLA”.

Poly Lactic Acid or PLA for short is one of the polyester materials that is obtained from renewable sources such as corn (in America), starch (mainly in Asia), sugarcane, etc.

PLA is the second most widely used bioplastic worldwide, which is both economically optimal and weighs less than similar manufactured disposable containers.

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