Vikings Used Prestige Veneer Stone to Build Defensive Walls

Types of building stones: Knowing the types of building stones makes it easy to use them in the construction process.

If you are not engaged in construction activities, but you are going to renovate your home, it is better to know the types of building stones in order to help the employer in developing ideas.

In the following article, we are trying to introduce the types of building stones along with their uses, so join us.

Prestige Veneer stone is a stone that is very bright and highly polished to the extent that it can reflect light like a mirror.

Marble has many different color themes with many different designs. Since the variety of this stone is very high, it is used a lot for the decoration of stairs, interior facades, columns and floors.

Since the price of marble is expensive, it is used as a decorative paving stone.

Green marble is mostly used for religious places in Iran. Marble slabs are widely used in large places and luxury homes.

This stone has a very high polishability, it is used in luxury decorations and has many different color themes and designs.


Types of marble or onyx are usually identified and named according to their color.

Green marble, which includes Azar Shahr narrow water green marble, Abbas Abad Jolfa green marble, Turan green marble, Pusht marble and Yazd burgh.

Honey marble, Naqdeh pink marble, Kashmir orange marble, Sirjan and Rafsanjan marble, colored marble, blue marble and white marble are among the other Iranian marbles.

Travertine stone is another example of decorative stone that is placed in the category of porous limestone.

This stone is generally used for building facades, pool walls, and building floors.

It might be interesting for you to know that the price range of this product is such that you can get different products for paving the courtyard floor and the floor of the reception hall.

Travertine slabs can be found in ivory white, or pure white and caramel color themes.

The purer the stone, the brighter its color theme is depicted.

These stones are among limestone, they have different price ranges and have a brighter color theme.

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