Withered Flowers Can Be Refreshed with Date Seed Coffee

The effect of date coffee on weight loss
Another significant benefit of palm kernel date seed coffee is its effect on weight loss.

Date kernel can reduce blood sugar. Hence, it can increase the body’s metabolism to convert fat into sugar by reducing the amount of sugar in your blood.

Therefore, date coffee not only lowers blood sugar, but also reduces your belly fat, resulting in slimming.

Abu Ali Sina, a famous Iranian doctor, regularly used date coffee tea to regulate blood sugar and fat. This doctor has also mentioned other benefits of palm kernel coffee to reduce hair loss, calm nerves, lose weight and strengthen the immune system.

Ingredients needed to prepare date coffee
Before learning how to make date coffee, let’s first see what raw materials we will need.


Date kernels: To prepare this drink, you will first need powdered date kernels. If you don’t have date kernels at home, you can buy date kernel powder from stores.

Milk: You can use any milk of your choice, but Zarin Kharma offers you oat milk.

Spices: Cardamom and cinnamon are the two main spices of this drink.

Sweetener: Natural sweeteners such as date syrup are a good option for this recipe, but you can also use honey or sugar if you like.
Optional additives

There are several other additives you can add to your coffee to make it taste better:

cacao powder
Other spices: nutmeg, star anise, ginger, vanilla (extract or powder), tea spice,
Coconut oil or butter
Finely chopped pistachios or other nuts such as hazelnuts

How to store palm kernel coffee for a long time?
Store the powder in a sealed container in a cool, dark place (such as a pantry or kitchen cupboard) for several months. The sooner you enjoy it, the better the coffee will taste.

However, you can enjoy date coffee for months to come and the flavor won’t lose much over time.

You may also be able to store ground coffee date powder in the freezer. However, it may not taste as good as before.

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